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Welcome to Victa Railfreight Ltd

Operations Support Specialists



We are able to provide competent mainline drivers, ground staff and driver operators to all freight train operators and increasingly to passenger train operator companies across the UK. For more information on our services, please click below.



To view our latest news and updates on what is happening within Victa Railfreight Ltd including our recent press releases, please click below to read our latest news on the company.



Victa Railfreight Ltd provides a support service to the rail freight operators and customers across the UK. To meet the projected growth, we are looking for expand our operations team from time to time. If you are interested in joining Victa Railfreight Ltd, please click below.




Since 1995, Victa Railfreight Ltd has been providing a wide range of services to rail freight customers, operators and suppliers within the rail industry. Independence from but close relationships with key industries players, a strong safety culture and highly innovative and responsive customer service continue to drive significant growth with in the business. 


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