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If you own or operate a rail freight facility in the UK, you'll want to know about Rail Freight Terminal Management. 

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Rail Freight Terminal Management has been developed by a team at Victa Railfreight Ltd based on more than 25 years' experience of supporting and operating rail freight facilities. Rail Freight Terminal Management aims to improve safety and performance through a process of continuous improvement, while ensuring activities are compliant with key rail related legislative requirements. Terminal here is used as a broad and sweeping term and includes any "off network" location such as ports, yards, depots, terminals, sidings and other such locations where Network Rail does not necessarily control the operation and or maintenance of the rail infrastructure.

RFTM is broken down into 7 Topic Areas that cover all rail related aspects of running a rail freight facility. These Topic Areas are further broken down into 27 Topic Elements. Each element provides detailed criteria and guidance on what you should be doing to meet the key rail related legislative requirements as well as a means of assessing your organisations current performance. The data you gain from using RFTM will help you monitor year on year performance as well as enable you to benchmark performance across multiple sites. Future subscription service to RFTM will allow you to compare yourselves to other sectors such as construction, automotive, intermodal, etc and across the sector as a whole. 

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Initially RFTM assessments will be conducted by Victa Railfreight Ltd. Where possible we will work alongside yourselves and include a site visit to gather evidence in order to make an informed decision with yourselves as to whether your systems and process for each topic element are:-




We won't just leave you with a set of levels, a detailed report will be prepared identifying areas of good practice, potential areas for development and general feedback based on our experience. Which we will then wrap up into a number of recommendations, from which you will be able to develop plans and strategies as part of a process of continuous improvement. 

If you are thinking of opening a rail freight facility or making an existing facility rail connected, RFTM will help. In addition to the detailed requirements for each topic element providing guidance, links and further reading we have included a checklist with some suggested timeframes to help you project manage any new rail connected facilities. 

As part of our vision of being a "One Stop Shop" for freight end users we can also provide training, consultancy services, competence management and operations staff including Drivers, Shunters and Person In Charge. 

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