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Operations and Safety Compliance

Operations Safety Management
With our own comprehensive Safety Management System and twenty years' experience of working within port/terminal/private siding environment we fully understand how to cost effectively ensure that the rail infrastructure in such locations is safely managed and maintained and how "in house" or third party operations can be undertaken safely.
For customers with internal rail systems such as ports and rail terminals, Victa Railfreight can perform an initial assessment of key operational safety systems, processes, systems and procedures to ensure conformity with standards.
We are able to include a complete training and assessment package including bespoke Rail Safety Awareness courses, to ensure safety of personnel working around rail infrastructure. 
We have experienced managers who can practically review operational processes and systems and procedures to ensure conformity with standards. 
Safety Compliance
Our experienced team can offer support to train operators, their customers and suppliers to ensure compliance with industry safety requirements, safe loading of freight vehicles and assistance with new traffic opportunities.
Whilst the complexity of regulatory requirements is less for "internal" rail infrastructure than applies on the main line network there are still licensing and access requirements to be complied with in order to ensure that such facilities operate within the law. Victa Railfreight Ltd can provide practical guidance and assist clients with refining various documents to suit their induvial requirments. 
Regulatory & Legislative Advice
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