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Meet the Victa Family - Chris Barrow

Chris Barrow

Chris is our National Operations Manager. He manages staff and locations, monitoring and carrying out assessments and evaluations to ensure consistency and excellence in output.

Over 27 years, Chris has built a wealth of experience in rail freight and has been part of our team since 1998. Victa Railfreight is a family affair for Chris; his brother, David, is our Team Leader (South) and their late father, Doug, was also a valued member of our team who joined us when Victa Railfreight was starting to grow many years ago.

Chris has a great deal of respect from customers and other freight operating companies for his knowledge and customer focussed approach to the role, whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety.

Chris says: “I feel privileged to be part of the Victa Railfreight team. It’s a real family feel here, which starts from the top down. We always look after our people wherever we can.”

Thank you, Chris, for everything that you do for the Victa Railfreight family.

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