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Successful Demonstration

Victa Railfreight Ltd operated a successful demonstration Intermodal train today in conjunction with a launch ceremony at Immingham for our customers iPort and DFDS. The train carried containers on IXA wagons supplied by VTG.

Today's inaugural launch had the provision for the demonstration train to run through to iPort's terminal at Doncaster if required, but this was not necessary on the day, so the train made a ceremonial departure from the DFDS terminal and ran as far as Barnetby. The train, hauled by two heritage Class 20 locomotives kindly supplied by Michael Owen, returned from Barnetby to Immingham this afternoon.

Regular services from Immingham to Doncaster are planned to start on 2nd November and a few initial trains may operate in advance of that date. These will be hauled by a different type of freight locomotive.

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